Joalon a software engineer

Setting up a development environment for the ATTiny85 using Raspberry Pi 3 and avrdude

I’ve started looking at programming USB devices recently and wanted to set up a small development environment for some ATTiny85 chips I have. This first project was just to get a LED blinking. I programmed it using a Raspberry Pi 3b and some spare components. All the code for this project is available on my Github. Hardware Raspberry Pi 3b r... Read more

Building a message board with Python, Flask and PostgreSQL

I got the urge to do some web development lately so I started building a message board inspired by Reddit. Here’s some documentation of the process and design decisions. The source tree can be found on Github. You can try out the development version at (no stability guarantees!). Project setup This is a pretty standard Fla... Read more

Playing Tic tac toe versus a Reinforcement learning agent

I’ve been reading the first few chapters of the book Reinforcement Learning and thought I’d try my hand at implementing the algorithm for training a simple agent which the authors describe in the first few chapters. You can check out the code on my Github. Implementing the game First I needed to actually write the game the agent was going to p... Read more

Installing FreeIPA, Pihole and Cockpit in the lab

After expanding my machine park with a new Raspberry Pi 4 I started looking at installing some infrastructure for development at home as well as trying out some open source services. This includes using FreeIPA for logins and home directories over NFS as well as Pihole for DNS and ad blocking. I created a couple of ansible roles for these which... Read more

Writing a chess application in Python using python-chess, the Stockfish engine and Prompt toolkit

I’ve been reading up on some of the early advances in AI and machine learning and stumbled over the famous chess game between Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue. Inspired by this I wanted to get some practice in programming for chess so I started writing a simple chess application where I can play against an engine, in this case Stockfish. Setting up... Read more