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Fuzzy finding in a Git repository using Telescope

Just wanted to share a small snippet for fuzzy finding/grepping in Neovim using Telescope. These two key bindings set the current working directory to the root of the git repo before starting the fuzzy find by using git rev-parse --show-toplevel.

call plug#begin(expand('~/.config/nvim/plugged'))

Plug 'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim'
Plug 'nvim-telescope/telescope.nvim'

call plug#end()

" Find files using Telescope command-line sugar.
nnoremap <leader>fr <cmd>lua require('telescope.builtin').find_files{ cwd = vim.fn.systemlist("git rev-parse --show-toplevel")[1] }<cr>
nnoremap <leader>gr <cmd>lua require('telescope.builtin').live_grep{ cwd = vim.fn.systemlist("git rev-parse --show-toplevel")[1] }<cr>

Pressing <leader>fr or <leader>gr will find or grep respectively in the whole git repository:


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