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Linux Developers Conference Brazil 2019

Just returned from a great weekend in São Paulo at the Linux Developers Conference Brazil. Attended great talks by really sharp people and made some new friends. Many thanks to the awesome GNU/Linux community in Brazil!

Friday, workshops at University of São Paulo

I arrived to the São Paulo University campus at 9 in the morning and got my badge. Then followed the workshops, here’s the titles and a short recap:

In the evening there was a Happy hour at Ampere bar sponsored by Pantacore. Loud music and friendly people!

Saturday, talks at Radisson Paulista Plaza

First day at Radisson Paulista Plaza on the Paulista avenue. Great place but a little crowded during the breaks. The opening of the conference was in portuguese. Sorry, my portuguese wasn’t up to par so I didn’t make many notes. Here is the names of the talks:

After the opening I attended the following talks, this time in english:

After the event there was a happy hour at Pizzaria Urca sponsored by Google. Despite the mild weather there was a warm atmosphere!

Sunday, talks at Radisson Paulista Plaza continued

Great talks on sunday! I attended:

Hoping to post links to the talks when they are accessible online.


It was my first time visiting São Paulo city despite living in the same state for half a year. Beautiful city and a very pleasant community, I will definitely be returning soon!

Big thanks to Gustavo Padovan and the linuxdev-br committee for arranging an awesome conference.

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