Joalon a software engineer

Writing a chess application in Python using python-chess, the Stockfish engine and Prompt toolkit

I’ve been reading up on some of the early advances in AI and machine learning and stumbled over the famous chess game between Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue. Inspired by this I wanted to get some practice in programming for chess so I started writing a simple chess application where I can play against an engine, in this case Stockfish. Setting up... Read more

The villager-or-not web application reveal

If you’ve ever wanted to host your own Villager-or-not app you’re in luck! I understand this might be a niche interest, though. Anyway, I’ve put it up on Docker hub and I’ve put the source code on Github (under the webapp/ dir). If you want to run it right now and you have docker installed, you can try this: docker run -d -p 8080:8080 joalon/vil... Read more

Running the AoE 2 map editor headless

I’ve been running the AoE2 map editor with a pyautogui script to generate machine learning datasets. A problem is this hogs the mouse and screen on my laptop for long periods of time. It would be nice to be able to run this in the background. On Linux and using the X graphics server there are several ways to do this, I’ll be using PyVirtualDispl... Read more

Getting started with ansible-hardening

The Openstack project has developed a hardening role for applying best practices according to the DISA, the Defense Information System Agency which is part of the U.S. Department of Defense. The particular implementation is based on their unclassified Security Technical Implementation Guide, STIG. In this post we’ll apply the role in ‘check mode... Read more

Linux Developers Conference Brazil 2019

Just returned from a great weekend in São Paulo at the Linux Developers Conference Brazil. Attended great talks by really sharp people and made some new friends. Many thanks to the awesome GNU/Linux community in Brazil! Friday, workshops at University of São Paulo I arrived to the São Paulo University campus at 9 in the morning and got my badge... Read more