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Multi unit classification- Predicting multiple labels per image

This time we’re going to be assigning multiple labels to an image depending on the units appearing in it. The model will pretty much stay the same, what’s different is the dataset and how we use it. For single label classification we created a dataset where the filename contained the label. Now we’ll just call the images a number and use a csv f... Read more

Villager or not - Single label classification using the fastai framework

Last post we created a dataset for a ‘villager or not a villager’ classification task. This time we’ll train a model and see how well we can get a neural network to recognize said villager. We’ll use a resnet34 model created with the fastai framework, the same as from lesson 1 in the fastai deep learning course 2019. This code is on Github. I d... Read more

Building an image generator for machine learning tasks using PYAutoGUI

After starting the fastai machine learning course I wanted to do some experiments with a game I play and love, Age of Empires 2. The first thing you need for a computer vision task (which is the first lesson) is a couple of hundred training images. Instead of using Google Images I decided to test my GUI automation skills with pyautogui. Google w... Read more

First post!

Hello, World! Read more