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Villager or not - Single label classification using the fastai framework

Last post we created a dataset for a ‘villager or not a villager’ classification task. This time we’ll train a model and see how well we can get a neural network to recognize said villager. We’ll use a resnet34 model created with the fastai framework, the same as from lesson 1 in the fastai deep learning course 2019. This code is on Github. I d... Read more

Building an image generator for machine learning tasks using PYAutoGUI

After starting the fastai machine learning course I wanted to do some experiments with a game I play and love, Age of Empires 2. The first thing you need for a computer vision task (which is the first lesson) is a couple of hundred training images. Instead of using Google Images I decided to test my GUI automation skills with pyautogui. Google w... Read more

First post!

Hello, World! Read more